Get free advice and guidance from an expert Eco-Lifestyle Coach and experienced Environmental Scientist


If you have concerns about the health of your home and whether common factors such as poor air quality, toxic chemical products, poor water quality, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) exposure, or something else are triggering your allergies, sleep problems, or more serious health conditions, I am the Eco-Coach for you.

Before you commit to any of my paid consultations or Healthy Home Assessments, get in touch to arrange a no-obligation free 20-minute Eco-Coach Consult.

With this consultation, we can discuss how we can help you with your journey to a natural eco-lifestyle and healthier way of living, plus what we should prioritise within your living environment to move you towards having an eco home.

After you have booked in for your Free Eco-Coach Consult you’ll receive an Econscious Living screening questionnaire so we can focus on your priorities when we speak.