EMF Protection: Do Crystals, Rocks and Stones Work?

by Jul 18, 2018

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked about a stone or crystal that I could shove in my pocket to protect myself from the effects of EMF, I’d be a millionaire. In this blog, I explain why EMF protection shouldn’t lie in the hands of a stone or similar. Furthermore, EMF protection in the home doesn’t mean you have to go without all the latest and greatest gadgets and devices. It usually just means you need to learn how to use them safely.

If you have been following my previous two blogs, you will understand that there are four different types of EMF in the home: electric, AC magnetic, dirty electricity and high-frequency.

To understand which ones may be impacting your health and wellbeing you need to do some testing.

Based on the results, you can then implement simple measures to reduce your exposure. In a nutshell, you can usually control EMF levels generated within your own home (having said that, there is one EMF, known as an ‘AC magnetic field’ generated by electrical wiring running to and within your home that you cannot shield or protect yourself from, your only option is to move away from it).

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Investing in EMF protection such as paint shielding is usually only necessary when you are dealing with outside sources of EMF entering your home but thankfully, implementing simple free measures are usually enough to get you on the right path. Some of the steps I recommend during EMF assessments with clients include:

  • Turning off WiFi at night and only turning it on during the day when you need it (tip: the wireless button on many routers does nothing, you need to test to see if it does actually disable your WiFi).
  • Replacing your router with an Eco WiFi router, restricting high-frequency EMF only to the area you need it.
  • Installing ethernet instead of WiFi, which provides a safe and secure method of information transfer – completely eliminating high-frequency fields.
  • Minimal use of microwave ovens and standing away from these when they are turned on.
  • Replacing cordless telephones with corded landlines.
  • Using air tubes or speakerphone when speaking on your mobile.
  • Ensuring your bed is not situated on the other side of a meter box or fridge.
  • Unplugging devices in your bedroom at night time.

Sometimes these simple measures are not enough. It all depends on your unique situation.

If you live in a multi-storey building you will be well aware that when you search for a signal on your mobile phone you get endless options. These are everyone else’s routers and high-frequency EMFs imposing on your living space! When I turn on and off routers inside these apartments I usually see no difference in the EMF readings, such is the level of exposure you are being subjected to from external sources.

wifi symbol source of emf

So what can you do for EMF protection apart from moving out?

You get an expert like myself to advise you on shielding options. For high-frequency EMF, you could shield your bedroom using a top quality shielding paint and shielding window fabric. Alternatively, you can buy a shielding canopy that looks like a mosquito net over your bed.

If you find that you have high electric fields around your bed at night, which are detrimental to your sleep and well-being, a simple way to fix this is to have an EMF expert visit to determine which electrical circuits supply your bedroom.

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You can shut the breakers down at night, something best done with a cut-off switch installed in your meter box and operated remotely from your bedside. When you do this you usually shut down another EMF called ‘Dirty electricity’ to your room also. The latter refers to erratic spikes and surges of higher frequency electrical energy traveling along power lines and building wiring, where only standard 50 (or 60) Hertz AC electricity should be.


Or it may be that you are sleeping in a high AC magnetic field – a dangerous EMF with strong evidence linking it to leukaemia in children and adults (see the last blog). If this is as a result of where you sleep, you can simply move your bed or bedrooms to relocate away from the offending source, such as a meter box.

Yet if it is because you are living close to a high transmission line, you may need to move home. Evidence shows a much higher rate of childhood leukaemia in children living within 600m of these power lines. Street or underground distribution lines are usually safe if they are 5-10m from your home but you should still test.

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So getting back to the rocks, crystals and other sorts of chips, harmonisers, and devices on the market that claim to eliminate or reduce the effect of EMF on your body. I believe you are most likely doing more harm than good with these supposed EMF protection objects. If they simply make you feel better in the presence of EMF you are losing your body’s own innate ability to sense harm in the environment.

Instead of moving away from the insult or source, you hang around longer and bear the brunt of the impact. Just because you feel better doesn’t mean no biological harm is occurring. I have many clients who are very sick from exposure to EMF and I can tell you that they have bought all these gadgets but they still suffer. Furthermore, on my professional EMF meters there is no reduction in these fields when these chips or harmonisers are used.  

The only time I would potentially recommend something along the lines of these devices is very much as a last resort. In circumstances where you have absolutely no alternative, for example, a child in a classroom surrounded by WiFi all day. However, they need to come home to a WiFi-free environment too.

As so eloquently described in this video by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD there is no scientific evidence showing that these rocks, crystals, harmonisers or stones will help you in the long run but to the contrary, they may actually harm you. Relying on them without doing the work to reduce your exposure is a big mistake. Instead, spend your money on something that does work a nifty little EMF meter so you know what your exposure actually is.     

Check out my EMF Testing Service to see how I can help you with EMF testing in your home or business. You can’t improve on what you can’t measure.    

To request a home review, you can fill out the request form on this page, or simply drop me a message.

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