Air Tube Anti Radiation Headsets


Air tubes are the healthier alternative to your traditional wired or Bluetooth earphones. They greatly reduce your EMR exposure by increasing your distance from the conductive wiring.

Instead of having a metal wire that runs all the way from your phone to your ear (and brain), there is a short section of hollow tubing increasing your distance from EMR. Traditional earpieces also have high magnetic fields that increase the radiation to your brain which air tubes do not have. The air tubes headphones are multi-functional and are used just as you would any set of earphones.

Pure silicone earphones designed so they can also be hooked over the ear for added security.  Wiring includes volume control and phone/music playlist controls. Comes with two different sizes of interchangeable ear buds.

Please note that all air tubes by their very nature (less wiring more hollow tubing) are fragile. Please look after them and they will stand the test of time. Otherwise best do what I do and buy three sets at a time for a discounted price.

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