EMFields Solutions Dirty Electricity Mains Filter


Dirty electricity is generated when the wiring within your home has frequencies other than the normal 50 Hz electrical current. It can interfere with your appliances and electronic equipment. 

Dirty electricity can have an effect on our health too. Electro-smog exposure has been associated with a vast range of health concerns, including sleep disturbances, skin rashes and tingling sensations, heachaches, brain fog, ADHD, depression, anxiety, cancer, asthma and chest pain, amongst others. 

Fitting some Dirty Electricity Filters in your house helps reduce dirty electricity by lowering high-frequency noise on your house wiring. They plug into (and occupy) a standard mains power socket. The required number you’ll need can really only be determined through EMF testing. Meters are available to hire or buy.   

The EMFields filter is more suitable for those who may be sensitive to EMF as they generate a relatively small AC magnetic field.

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The EMFields Solutions Dirty Electricity Mains Filter DE3;

  • reduces Dirty Electricity
  • filters out DE already on your mains


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