Gigahertz electric and magnetic A/C fields EMF Meter for HIRE inc refundable deposit – 5 days


This meter like all the EMF meters I hire has been carefully selected for two key reasons: its accuracy and ease of use. The Gigahertz meter can be hired  for 5 days to measure AC magnetic and electric fields in your home, school or office. The EMF meter measures frequencies from 16Hz-2000Hz allowing you to measure that pesky meter box or solar inverter on the other side of your bedroom wall, powerlines, home wiring, appliances or TVs. Also sensitive enough to measure transformers and substations.

The Gigahertz reader is great for beginners with an easy to use toggle switch between electric and magnetic fields giving you readings in V/m or nT depending on the field.  Download my EMF Kickstarter booklet for some basics on EMF and the Guide will also explain what setting (E or M) to use for what part of your home or business.  Comes with an instruction booklet. If you need further help making sense of the data then book in your pre or post-assessment consult through my website (get 10% off).  To measure high-frequency radio waves or dirty electricity you will need a separate meter also available for rent or purchase through my website.

Rental is for five days commencing the day you receive the EMF meter and ends the day you post it back. The EMF meter is sent via express post from Perth, WA and must be returned via express post with signature requirement. Local pick-up/drop-off can also be arranged (shipping cost will be refunded on pick-up).

Cost is $70 for 5 days plus express postage and a $100 refundable deposit. Hire period can be extended for additional days at $10/day and deducted from the deposit.

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Gigahertz EMF Meter

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