Stetzeriser Dirty Electricity Meter inc refundable deposit for HIRE – 5 days


Stetzeriser Dirty Electricity Meter

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To measure dirty electricity you need a Stetzeriser meter to tell you how high the levels are in your home. Dirty electricity is generated when the wiring within your home has frequencies other than the normal 50 Hz electrical current. Every home will have some degree of dirty electricity. The Stezeriser is best used in conjunction with the corresponding plug-in dirty electricity filters which can also be bought on this Shop to filter out the dirty electricity. Using filters without measuring is sub-optimal and is likely to even make the situation worse.  Time and time again I find it is often this EMF that affects those with electrohypersensitivity (EHS) the most. These unwanted frequencies (often referred to as dirty power) piggyback on the electrical wiring in your home resulting in adverse health effects. Solar inverters are notorious for emitting dirty electricity as are CFLs, LEDs, AC units, dimmer switches, smart meters, and most computer, electronic, entertainment and kitchen appliances.

Instructions on how to use the meter will be provided and you can also download my EMF Kickstarter Guide to understand EMF basics and what the typical sources of dirty electricity are in the home.

If you need to book in for a pre or post-assessment consult (10% off regular prices) to discuss the results.

Rental is for 5 days from the receipt of the meter. Shipping is by signature express post and return shipping must also be via signature express post.

Local pick-up/drop-off can also be arranged (shipping cost will be refunded on pick-up).

Cost is $70 for 5 days plus express postage and a $100 refundable deposit. Hire period can be extended for additional days at $10/day and deducted from the deposit.

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