Stetzeriser Dirty Electricity EMI Meter


Stetzeriser Dirty Electricity Meter shipping by express post is included in the sale price.

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Stetzeriser Dirty Electricity Meter shipping by express post is included in the sale price.  

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Dirty electricity is generated when the wiring within your home has frequencies other than the normal 50 Hz electrical current. It can interfere with your home appliances and electronic equipment. These unwanted frequencies (often referred to as dirty power) piggyback on the electrical wiring in your home resulting in adverse health effects.

Dirty electricity can also affect our health too. Electro-smog exposure has been associated with a vast range of health concerns, including sleep disturbances, skin rashes and tingling sensations, headaches, brain fog, ADHD, depression, anxiety, cancer, asthma and chest pain, amongst others. 

Use this highly accurate micro-surge meter (comes with an AU/NZ plug) to work out how much dirty electricity is in your home. Best used in conjunction with the corresponding plug-in dirty electricity filters to filter out the dirty electricity circulating within your home from internal and external sources.  

Solar inverters are notorious for emitting dirty electricity as are CFLs, LEDs, dimmer switches, smart meters, and most computer, electronic, entertainment and kitchen appliances.


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