Sweet Dreams Blue Blocking Downlight

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Sweet Dreams Blue Blocking Downlight

Blue light can damage the photoreceptors in your eyes (melanopsin), suppress melatonin,  harm sleep, damage mitochondria and accelerate ageing and disease. It has been linked to myopia (short-sightedness), age-related macular degeneration, obesity, diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease as well as depression.

The standard LED downlights used in our homes are very high on the blue light spectrum, which tricks our brains into thinking it’s the middle of the day when we should be winding down for sleep. Conventional LED downlights also produce a lot of flicker which is very stressful for the body and even though we can’t see it causes eye strain and muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulders.  Fluorescent lights are even worse with a completely unnatural light spectrum.

These recently developed recessed downlights are a world first and are 100% blue light-free with zero flicker and low EMF.  There are no other LED downlights that meet these criteria.

The downlights are only designed for 220-240 Volts electrical systems.

– Colour temperature: 1800k

– Peak Wavelength: 585nm

– Brightness: 700lm

– Wavelengths blocked – 100% between 380-500nm

– Life: 35,000 Hours

– Beam Angle: 120 Degrees

– Input voltage: 220-240v 50/60Hz

– Power consumption (watts): 10w

– Cutout Size: 90mm

– Insulation Rating: IC-F & IC-4

– IP Rating Rating: IP44

– Certifications: CE, ROHS, SAA, RCM

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