Reduce your family's exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in the home


Reduce your family's exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in the home


Do you or your children sleep badly?

Do you suffer from unexplained tinnitus otherwise known as ringing in the ears?

Are you plagued by chronic fatigue or anxiety – tried everything but it won’t go away?

Do your children have ADHD that’s worse when they are indoors?

We are all exposed to unnatural levels of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF). We cannot see these frequencies but they exist everywhere from the Andes to the Amazon. In 1997 only 1% of the population had mobile phones but since then the development of smaller, compact and portable electronic devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets means we are now holding these objects with high energy forces close to our bodies on an almost continual basis.

We are beginning to learn that long-term exposure to these unnatural levels of radiation can cause long-term health problems. The WHO classified EMF as a potential carcinogen in 2011 and experts are currently calling for this risk to be increased to a probable or known carcinogen. Many links have been established between EMF and ill -health effects including brain tumours, breast cancer, heart problems, childhood leukaemia, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, ADD, autism and a number of neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Some people are especially sensitive to the effects of EMF and suffer from a condition known as Electro-Hyper Sensitivity (EHS). Sweden was the first country to recognise EHS as a medical condition and assists sufferers accordingly. Austria has also issued guidelines for doctors on EHS as a duty of care.

EMF Sources in Your Home and Office


  • Power supply cables running past, to and within the property and the appliances/ lights we attach to them. These can generate the following types of EMF:
  • Low-frequency electric fields – emitted from the wiring in your walls, a lamp or anything else plugged into the wall even without being turned on. They can normally be eliminated or shielded against. Cut-off switches can eliminate electric fields from your home or bedroom.
  • Low-frequency electromagnetic radiation fields – these penetrate nearly everything and cannot be shielded against. Examples include transmission and distribution power lines, meter box, fridge, oven and home appliances when switched on.
  • High-frequency Communication Over Distance – this includes mobile phone towers, mobile phones, cordless phones, smart meters, WIFI, Bluetooth, baby monitors, radar and airport navigation systems etc. These also have penetrating power and can be shielded against by deflecting the radiation.
  • Dirty Electricity (DE) refers to erratic spikes and surges of electrical energy travelling along power lines and building wiring where 50 Hertz AC electricity should only be. The frequencies lie between that of your house wiring and high frequencies. Dirty Electricity can travel into your house on the local electricity supply and / or can be generated by some devices in your home. Common contributors include induction cooktops, dimmer switches, televisions, fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs, or energy efficient bulbs) and computers. Any device that has a “switched mode power supply” will create some DE. Solar panel inverters usually generate a large quantity of dirty electricity.

What to expect from EMF Testing


  1. An initial phone consultation to discuss your needs, concerns and the scope of work.
  2. Completion of a brief questionnaire.
  3. On-site EMF testing for electric fields, electromagnetic fields, high-frequency fields and dirty electricity from all key internal and external sources around your home/office.
  4. On-site EMF testing of body voltage and radiofrequency in your bedrooms to determine levels while sleeping.
  5. On-site assessment of bedrooms and mattresses to determine if they are also contributing to EMF exposure.
  6. Assessment of electrical circuits supplying your bedrooms (optional – will be discussed).
  7. Verbal feedback on the day and a list of actions to reduce EMF in the home/office.
  8. A video and report summarising EMF results, impacts and recommendations.
  9. Follow up phone call and email to check-in on progress and any concerns.
  10. You will receive an annual update of my recommended EMF Hygiene Action Steps

Prices start from $350 depending on location.

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