Sleep Problems in Children: Are Electromagnetic Fields to Blame?

by | Oct 31, 2018

I recently returned from an overseas trip; a family visit to Ireland and a few days in Prague. Prague had been top of my agenda a very long time. I spent years in university studying the geography of countries from Scandinavia to China, yet getting to know these places in person is something I’m only now beginning to get to. Sleep deprivation does that to you. It puts your life on hold. You wrap yourself in a cocoon. You wish your days away. Bedtime can’t come quick enough: that double-edged sword. They say enjoy your kids while they are young. The truth is, living in survival mode those words fall on deaf ears. Sleep problems in children affect us all. The issue infiltrates the entire family, your social life, work and, of course, your health. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself?

Chronic sleep deprivation is why I do, what I do.

I help others understand that simple changes to their living environment can put a stop to sleepless nights and open up a whole new world. One of the most overlooked factors in assessing sleep problems in children is electromagnetic fields, known as EMF.

EMF is what caused the sleep problems in our household. One of my children experienced multiple night terrors, night after night, year after year. If you haven’t considered this in your quest to solve your children’s sleep problems (or your own), stop now and take note because it might just change your life overnight!

It’s all because man-made EMF in your bedroom is akin to sleeping with a light on. Let me explain why.

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