Why is Water Important in a 5G World?

by Mar 13, 2019

In the days when I used to wander the stunning hiking trails of the Irish mountains, it was commonplace to stumble across crystal clear streams of pristine water. Inevitably someone would ask “is it safe to drink this water?” and the question has always bemused me. Could anything really be better for you? As we fast evolve into a 5G world, water becomes even more important for our health and wellbeing. Why is water important, you ask. Read on and learn the simple science…

Why is water important?

I’ve been learning about the importance of exposure to natural light and avoiding man-made EMF from Dr Jack Kruse for many years now (for those who don’t know, EMF stands for electromagnetic fields –  you can read up on EMF and its effect on our bodies in these blog posts.) Jack Kruse is the quantum biologist, neurosurgeon wrecking heads in the best possible way. I spent many hours absorbed in his teachings, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that I took the time to  understand a crucial piece of the jigsaw puzzle: the importance of water.

Now, don’t drift off. This isn’t yet another blog post about the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day (yawn!). It’s about cellular water and how this creates a negatively charged battery that powers every. single. cell. in your body.

Never heard of cellular water? It’s important. Especially in a 5G world.

First, let’s talk about what you were taught at school.

Like me, I’m sure you learned that water is found in three phases: solid, liquid and gas. As shown through the wonderful work of Dr Gerald Pollack, there is actually a fourth phase: it’s called Exclusion Zone (or Ez) water. It lies somewhere between a solid and liquid, more a gel or plasma just like the sun, the moon and the stars.

In fact, Ez water is actually the main ingredient in our bodies, oceans, rivers, clouds, plants, animals.

Unlike a liquid, Ez water is structured like layers of honeycomb-shaped sheets. Its formula is H3O2 but unlike H2O it has a net negative charge, just like our entire body.

This special water forms an exclusion zone in our cells – excluding positively charged protons but holding onto electrons. This confers a negative charge on the cell.

In other words, it’s a battery that creates energy throughout the body.

Ordinary mineralised water (H2O) is the substrate from which Ez or H3O2 is made.

You might ask but what charges this battery? Well here comes the connection to natural light. The answer is sunlight. The main player charging this battery in our bodies is infrared light, a component of sunlight which we can be exposed to at any time of the day as long as we step out into it.

Sunlight is 42% infrared light. Nature thought it important so why don’t we? Ever wondered why infrared saunas and red lights are so good for you?

Red light (and to a lesser extent UV light) interacts with water to create this magical exclusion zone where we generate ATP; the energy powerhouse of each and every cell in the body.

The bigger the Exclusion Zone, the faster those little ATPs spin and the more energy you make. Get them humming and you’ll have energy to burn and your eyes will glow with health.

What are the two ingredients you need to make Ez water?

Natural light and water. However, the purity of that water does make a difference (cue that mountain spring water).

Fluoride is the chief stuffer-upper. It’s what’s called a di-electric blocker. It gets in the way of those beautiful rays of sunshine so they can’t properly access the cells’ energy-making machinery. Bummer.

Where exactly does 5G come into all this?

Well, in truth it’s not only 5G that’s an issue. The problem lies with all those foreign man-made EMFs we have introduced to Earth, especially in the last ten years or so. In a nutshell, they dehydrate us and in a 5G ‘Internet of Things’ world, it will get oh so much worse.

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Toxic EMFs suck the water from your little mitochondria, not only dehydrating you but draining your energy.

The thing is we have a much higher density of mitochondria in our brains, hearts and reproductive organs than anywhere else. Cue increased infertility rates, neuro-psychiatric disorders and heart problems in a 5G world, as laid out in outstanding work by Dr Martin Pall.

A 5G world is going to make us increasingly sicker unless we are over-supplementing with the best drugs of all: pure water and sunlight.

I’m continually asked for recommendations on what we can do to protect ourselves from 5G. There’s not much at the moment unless you want to line the walls of your home with lead and steel reinforced concrete. I’m sorry, but none of those handy little plug-in harmonising devices will save you no matter how much you spend on them! It’d be so convenient if they did.

What will help is making your body as robust as possible – otherwise known as increasing your redox potential by soaking up the infrared rays and drinking pure water.

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The best water in the world comes fresh from the source: groundwater springs and mountain streams.

If that’s not going to happen (I get it) you need a whole of house filter combined with a reverse osmosis filtration system at your kitchen sink to remove fluoride.

The fluoride you soak up whilst showering is even more detrimental to your body than drinking it because you absorb way more when bathing in it.

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Whole of house filters are key as they are getting better and better at removing fluoride alongside a Reverse Osmosis filter.

If that doesn’t meet your budgetary needs, then buy the best countertop filter you can find, like this one which removes more fluoride than any other countertop filter I know.

Even when you are working on your computer you should be drinking plenty of pure water and keeping your windows and doors open to offset the effect of non-native EMFs (WiFi) on your body. Doing this allows the electrons to pour in through sunshine, which neutralises the effect of those pesky positively-charged protons; the source of all inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

Sunlight and water. That’s what you need.

Then, when you are sure you are getting plenty of infrared light naturally through sun exposure, think about infrared saunas. No, not one that smothers you in non-native EMF (most do, even though they say they don’t) that would defeat the purpose but one like this from SaunaSpace. It’s completely devoid of man-made EMF and other toxicants you find in the glues and woods holding together conventional saunas.

There’s a fascinating book on water and health called ‘You’re not sick, you’re thirsty!‘. It’s a book written by a medical doctor who over twenty years ago served time as a political prisoner in an Iranian jail. Surrounded by 3000 sick prisoners he started successfully treating them for pain and stress-induced health problems with the only medication he had: water. In a world where we spend 90% of our day indoors, a book entitled ‘You’re not sick, your sunlight deprived’ would be just as valid.

So kick off your shoes, take off your shirt, soak up the sunlight and drink plenty of pure unadulterated water. That’s one of my prescriptions in a 5G world.

If you’d like to arrange a Water Assessment for your home, get in touch here. You can also book an eco consultation with me to ask questions about your specific circumstances.


Dr Gerald Pollack The Fourth Phase of Water http://www.pollacklab.org/publications

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