Peace of mind that your family is living in a truly healthy home


Peace of mind that your family is living in a healthy home for optimal wellbeing


Do you want to detox harmful chemicals from your home and life?

Would you like your allergies, asthma, eczema, brain fog, migraines, insomnia, night terrors, and ADHD to improve overnight?

How about long-standing chronic conditions such as chronic or adrenal fatigue, type 2 diabetes, tinnitus, autoimmunity conditions, infertility or electrohypersensitivity?

Are you dreaming of an end to the confusion, anxiety and decision fatigue that comes with making better choices?

Perhaps you’re a health professional who’d like to educate your clients about toxicants and self-care?

You are not alone.

This is the perfect starting place to begin creating a healthier home without dramatically uprooting your life.

Let me help you on your journey.

Hi, I’m Una. Eco-Lifestyle Coach & Experienced Scientist.

I create healthy homes and lifestyles that change lives for the better.

When you need the science in non-technical terms, and a plan that is unique to your situation I’m here to help you!

Through in-home assessments, or online consultations, let’s empower you to take charge of your health, your home and workplace, with practical recommendations, no matter your budgetary constraints.

My independent advice will guide you every step of the way.

Why Eco-Lifestyle Coaching?

Most of us think of healthy living as diet and fitness but our daily environment has a huge impact on our health. Going green can help you eat better, live better, and raise healthy kids.

This is especially important for new parents, allergy sufferers and health advocates.

Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t need to make you anxious or overwhelmed. You can put an end to the confusion, relax and start making informed choices one day at a time.

I will provide you with the perfect starting point to detox harmful chemicals from your home and life, including:

– Chemicals
– Water Pollutants
– Allergens
– Indoor Air Quality
– Wireless Communications

Plus many more health hazards in your home.

Let me show you how easy it is.

I’m a super sensitive person and now winter has hit I’m all kinds of inside and it’s really been messing with my body. I saw that Una did EMF assessments and I knew it was the upgrade I needed. She was thorough, friendly and super knowledgeable. She did 4 different readings throughout the house and offered some really easy suggestions to shift things – I really liked that none of these were aimed at sales as she doesn’t try to sell you any high tech gear – she actually saved me money from buying anything else!


Since Una’s visit, I’ve been more in tune to follow the natural light of the day and use more candles in the house. I highly recommend an audit of your home. The knowledge and the tips that Una will give you are remarkable and can make such an impact on your family’s health. When it’s time to buy a property the first thing I’ll do is check with her to make sure we make the best choice for our health. I am a believer that knowledge gives you the power to create better choices in your life. Thanks, Una, for your amazing work.


What I Can Do For You

Free Eco-Coach Consult

I pride myself on my ability to listen to your needs and concerns. So before you commit to anything, get in touch for a no-obligation 20-minute consultation. Learn more...

Healthy Home Assessment

Let's take a comprehensive look at the everyday household hazards in your home. I flag what may be negatively impacting your health and the environment too. Learn more...


Detailed Eco Consult

There may be a particular burning issue that you want personalised advice on, and quickly. In this case, you can book in for a one-off 60-minute eco consult by phone. Learn more...


Are you a soon to be parent? A health and fitness advocate? A sufferer of chronic illness? An office worker who wants to increase your productivity? Or someone who just wants to do better for your family and the planet?

We are so often inundated with social media feeds describing the latest chemical product or technological invention, which can lead to hours spent Googling if something is good or bad for your health or the environment.

Quickly, decision fatigue sets in and prompts us to wonder if it’s all just hype or pseudoscience. Who and what should you believe? You continually strive to do whatever you can but are too often overwhelmed by all the information out there.

Which is where I come in.

I cut the nonsense and tell you what you need to know, with recommendations and advice tailored to your specific lifestyle.

I can do this online via a detailed eco-consult, or in-person during a Healthy Home Assessment.

Plus, if you’re a health professional, you can bring me in to present to and educate your clients, saving you time spent deep diving into research, yet knowing that an expert scientist will share valuable information on your behalf.

Start Your Journey To A Healthy Home and Eco-Lifestyle

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Looking for an expert who will walk with you every step of the way?

I’ve got your back!

NEW: Online EMF Assessments!

To satisfy my ever-growing client base both in Perth and elsewhere I am now offering an online EMF assessment option, as well as my standard in-home assessments.

Una is extremely passionate about what she does and shares this knowledge openly and professionally. She explains things in a simple way to understand and backs it up with her scientific knowledge of everything. After having a conversation with Una she leaves you feeling very empowered to change your lifestyle for the better.


It’s hard not to be inspired by a consultation with Una. If you are like me, you’ll be Googling for hours after she leaves wondering how you weren’t aware of the many insights she brings. So many people try to sell you a product that will “change your life”, I found it so refreshing to be told of the simple things I could NOT buy in order to improve my wellbeing.


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