Frequently Asked Questions

  ‘Q. How far away from a powerline, transformer or substation do I need to live to be safe?

Whilst you will see various guidelines online, the only sure way to know is to measure. I am often called to homes located relatively close to large high voltage transmission powerlines only to find it is the much smaller, closer underground street powerline that is causing issues in the home. It’s also worth noting that there may be other sources of high AC magnetic fields in your home which should also be measured such as meter boxes, switchboards, solar inverters, fridges etc. Rent or hire a meter to find out. Choose the Gigahertz meter if you are only interested in measuring AC magnetic and electric fields from powerlines, transformers or substations. Choose the Radmeter if you want to measure these two fields plus radiofrequency fields from mobile phone towers.

Q. Is the meter box or solar inverter outside my bedroom an issue?

Maybe, maybe not and the only way to really know is to measure. Levels usually drop off 1.5-2 metres away from the source but you need to measure to know how much. High AC magnetic fields over long periods of time are strongly linked to childhood leukaemia, lymphoma and other cancers. A wall will do nothing to reduce these fields. Here are my go-to’ EMF meters that you can buy or hire.

Q. Do you sell EMF meters?

Yes, here are my go-to’ EMF meters. They are affordable, measure three fields (AC magnetic, electric and radiofrequency) and are super easy to use. The Mitometer even comes with ongoing technical support to answer all your queries on your home measurements and more. These meters will pick up the current 5G frequencies up to 8GHz and the Mitometer can also be used to log your results over time.

Q. Do you rent meters?

Yes, here are my ‘go-to’ EMF meters. They are affordable, measure three fields (AC magnetic, electric and radio frequencies) and are super easy to use. These meters pick up the current 5G frequencies up to 8GHz and the Mitometer can also be used to log your results over time. If you only want to measure the EMF from a powerline, substation or transformer then this is my rental meter of choice.

Q. Do the EMF meters you rent or sell measure 5G? Yes, in Australia like many other countries 5G refers to the 3.5GHz. The Radmeter and Mitometer will both measure up to 8GHz. Australia has not yet rolled the millimetre 5G wavelengths. There are currently no affordable amateur or semi-amateur EMF meters that can measure these millimetre wavelengths.

Q. What healthy light bulbs do you recommend? Great question! Due to consumer demand, healthy lighting is becoming more and more common. Although it may seem to many to play a minor role in our health it is in fact of paramount importance.  If you haven’t done so already have a read through this informative blog on the importance of choosing healthy lighting. If you live in Perth you can also book in for a Lighting Assessment where I use a highly technical spectrometer to assess your overhead and screen lighting as well as the effectiveness of any blue-blocking glasses you might have.  If you are ready to buy some lights now check these fabulous healthy lights out.

Q. Which water filter should I buy? What I can tell you for sure? Every home should have a good water filter of some sort. But the right one for you depends on many factors. Your budget, whether you own or rent your home, how much under-sink or countertop space your kitchen has, whether you are on mains, tank or bore water, and of course the contaminants of highest priority in your water. If you want a simple, quick solution then have a look at the countertop filters on my website. If you need more information or want to discuss other options including ‘whole of house’ and under-sink filters then I’d love to help, simply book a consult.

Q. Which air purifier should I buy? With the recurrent bush fire smoke, VOCs off-gassing from our homes, mould spores, allergens and dust an air purifier in your home and office is a necessity. When looking for an air purifier look for one with a true CERTIFIED medical-grade HEPA filter and a large amount of activated carbon/charcoal. The HEPA filter removes particles from the air whereas the activated carbon/charcoal removes the much finer VOCs, gases, smoke and mould spores. To meet the HEPA standard, the filter must remove 99.97% or more of all particles which are 0.3 microns (micrometres) in diameter. HEPA H13-H14 are within the highest tier of HEPA and are considered medical-grade quality.

I recommend the InovaAir for a number of reasons – it has a certified medical grade H13 HEPA filter and 2-6kg of activated carbon (E8 and E20 models). Most air purifiers will not tell you how much activated-carbon they contain. You will find more information in my blog and but if you still need help on finding an air purifier I’m here to help simply book a consult.

Q. Is 5G a cause for concern?

Yes but so too is 3G and 4G. Our airways (bandwidth) are currently being filled with unnatural EMF. 5G installed in Australia to date is technically an optimisation of 4G, it’s not truly 5G. However, this will also change in Australia in 2021 when the 5G spectrum will go to auction meaning shortly after, the frequencies we will be subjected to (24-26Ghz) will be way more powerful than ever before.

Q. Do crystals, chips or harmonising devices reduce my EMF exposure?

In short no. In fact, some research shows that whilst some of these devices may make you feel better they may still cause harm but you just don’t feel it. Always use science to reduce your EMF exposure by eliminating and distancing yourself from EMF sources. My advice? Rent or buy an EMF meter and measure your exposure.

Q. My baby doesn’t sleep at night, could it be EMFs?

Very possibly. EMFs were the cause of night terrors in my oldest son for 5 years. A simple change of bedrooms solved the problem. EMF is akin to shining a light on your brain and body all night long. It disrupts your melatonin and sleep.

Q. Can I measure EMF levels in my home myself?

You can purchase an EMF meter and measure your EMF levels independently. Whilst these are great screening tools bear in mind that these meters will not be as accurate as a professional meter. I always recommend my clients buy an EMF meter after they have had their home thoroughly checked by a professional. This way, they can keep track of any change that may come about at a later stage. Also, remember that using your own meter is one thing but interpreting the data is another. EMF is a complex topic start learning by downloading my EMF Kickstarter Guide.


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