Ready to get started with your healthy home coach?

Ready to get started with your healthy home coach?

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I would love to hear from you with any eco-lifestyle and healthy home questions you have and if you want to work with me as your Eco-Lifestyle Coach please feel free to get in touch!



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Mail: PO Box 8474 Angelo St, South Perth, WA 6151
I’m a super sensitive person and now winter has hit I’m all kinds of inside and it’s really been messing with my body. I saw that Una did EMF assessments and I knew it was the upgrade I needed. She was thorough, friendly and super knowledgeable. She did 4 different readings throughout the house and offered some really easy suggestions to shift things – I really liked that none of these were aimed at sales as she doesn’t try to sell you any high tech gear – she actually saved me money from buying anything else!

Since Una’s visit, I’ve been more in tune to follow the natural light of the day and use more candles in the house. I highly recommend an audit of your home. The knowledge and the tips that Una will give you are remarkable and can make such an impact on your family’s health. When it’s time to buy a property the first thing I’ll do is check with her to make sure we make the best choice for our health. I am a believer that knowledge gives you the power to create better choices in your life. Thanks, Una, for your amazing work.