Support to create a healthier home and eco-lifestyle for you and your family


Support to create a healthier home and eco-lifestyle for you and your family


As an environmental scientist and your straight-talking Eco-Lifestyle Coach, I specialise in home health. My aim is to empower you with knowledge so you can easily create a healthy living environment, lifestyle and workplace for yourself and your family. I do this by visiting your home (Perth, Western Australia only) and conducting expert assessments on the common contributors to an unhealthy home.

With my in-person and follow up guidance, the switch to a healthier, eco-friendly way of living is a journey that doesn’t need to include panic, decision-fatigue, anxiety and overwhelm!

You will expand your knowledge of home health at your own pace. You will learn simple tweaks you can make overnight, which will positively change the environment you live in. 

Allow me to show you how easy it is to reduce your exposure to chemicals, drinking water pollutants, allergens, wireless communications and much more.

My services cover common environmental factors that could be affecting both your health and the environment. Find out more about these by browsing the range of Healthy Home Reviews I offer, from a Full Home Review to specialist reviews for Air Quality, Allergens, Water Quality, EMF and more.

Types of Home Assessments I Offer

Healthy Home Review

The most comprehensive review I offer takes into account your entire home. It includes all the common culprits making your home unhealthy. Learn more...

Air Quality Assessment

Whilst we usually associate air pollution with smoking chimneys and burning fires, you may be surprised to know that our indoor air quality can be ten times more polluted than outdoors. Learn more...

Allergens Assessment

Asthma, eczema and hayfever plague about 20% of the Australian population and 1 in 3 children are affected by the age of 5. It is estimated that about 20% of the global population is allergic... Learn more...

Water Quality Assessment

Our drinking water, whether it comes from the mains supply, a bore or a rainwater tank is likely to be contaminated. Some water quality data is available from your local water corporation on mains water. Learn more...

Chemical Products Detox

Cleaning products, washing powders, toiletries and synthetic fragrances. The list of chemicals in our homes goes on. You know they are no good but have no clue what you should replace them with. Learn more...

EMF Testing

We are all exposed to unnatural levels of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). We cannot see these frequencies but they exist everywhere from the Andes to the Amazon. Learn more...

Small Business or Home Office Review

I’ve been there. I’ve sat at my desk and on comes a headache. Or I’ve gone to my local library to get some peace and quiet and a wave of exhaustion descends on me. Learn more...

Healthy Nursery or Bedroom Review

I’ve been there – big time. And I know I can help you. I tried everything imaginable to put an end to the relentless night terrors my son suffered for about four years. Learn more...

Moving Home Assessment

Before you commit to your new home, whether it's a rental or, let me assess it for how healthy and natural it is so you can do the best for your family's wellbeing. Learn more...

Light Quality Assessment

How toxic can an innocent looking lightbulb be? Find out the effects of your indoor lighting on your health and wellbeing. Learn more...

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