Get expert advice based on your home and budget


Get expert advice based on your home and budget


Do you ever get the horrible taste of chlorine in your drinking water?

Or get out of a shower or bath all itchy and red?

Or notice a green or rusty tinge to the colour of your water?

Our drinking water, whether it comes from the mains supply, a bore or a rainwater tank is likely to be contaminated. Some water quality data is available from your local water corporation on mains water. However, you won’t know the quality of the water coming out of your taps, your bore, or your rainwater tank, unless you test it.

Unfortunately, whilst the water that comes out of our kitchen tap is clean, much has been added intentionally (such as chlorine, fluoride) and just as much unintentionally (such as heavy metals, pesticides, fertilisers, asbestos).

To remove these contaminants you need a water filter for your drinking water but also your shower, bath and laundry. There are a huge variety of filters on the market today, from simple table-top plastic jugs to whole house filtering systems. It’s not straightforward – it depends on so many factors: cost, bench-top space, under-sink space, water pressure, contaminants etc. There are four main types of drinking water filter systems: jug; under counter; bench-top, and tap mounted. As well as customised undercounted filters, you can also install a reverse osmosis filter.

Which do you choose? That’s where I come in. I will assess your unique situation so that when you invest in a filter it’s customised to your needs.

What to expect from a Water Quality Assessment


  1. An initial phone consultation to discuss your concerns and needs.
  2. Completion of a brief questionnaire.
  3. Determination as to the requirement for air quality sampling* in consultation with you.
  4. On-site audit to assess possible causes of allergens.
  5. Verbal feedback on the day.
  6. A video and report including a checklist of hazards with a priority rating for action steps.
  7. Follow up phone call and email to check-in on progress and any concerns.

Prices start from $250 depending on location.

Book your Water Quality Assessment

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Una Phelan Eco Coach

*Water quality analysis is not usually required. If you are keen to purchase a drinking water filter it’s usually not necessary. However, if you are concerned about a particular water quality parameter (for e.g. lead, copper) for health reasons it could be useful. It is also helpful to investigate the quality of your bore or tank water.

If water quality testing is necessary, we can undertake it one of two ways. By ordering the kit online or through a laboratory yourself, or I can just do it all for you. In either case, I will interpret the results but to reduce the costs you may prefer to organise it yourself. Just let me know when we chat.

Don’t have time for a full Water Quality Assessment? 

No problem, book in for a 60-minute online consultation at a time that suits.

Types of Home Assessments I Offer

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Our drinking water, whether it comes from the mains supply, a bore or a rainwater tank is likely to be contaminated. Some water quality data is available from your local water corporation on mains water. Learn more...

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