Eco-Lifestyle Coach and Environmental Scientist


Eco-Lifestyle Coach and Environmental Scientist


We’re inundated daily with social media and current affair feeds describing the latest chemical or technological invention that is bad for the environment and detrimental to our health and wellness.

Of course, we want to protect ourselves, our kids, and our pets too but decision fatigue can set in every time you see yet another article on environmental and health hazards. It’s enough to leave anyone wondering if it’s all hype, pseudo-science, or if it’s for real. Who and what should you believe? You continually strive to do whatever you can but are too often overwhelmed by all the information ‘out there’.

That’s where I can help. If you are:

  • A new or soon to be parent
  • A health and fitness advocate
  • A sufferer of chronic illness
  • An office worker who wants to increase your productivity
  • Or someone who just wants to do better for your family and the planet

You can benefit from the years of learning and understanding I already have under my belt when it comes to living an eco-lifestyle.

My Story

 As a certified Environmental Scientist, I ran the rat race for so long – I have an A-type personality! It was all going swimmingly, until one day I ran into a roadblock: I found I didn’t have the answers and my life was out of control.

My firstborn baby boy was delightful: he slept when he should, day and night and he barely complained. Until one night it all went haywire, just short of his first birthday. Night awakenings turned into multiple night terrors every single night until he was five years old.

I went down every avenue to try and help him: paediatricians, chiropractors, naturopaths, homoeopaths, GPs, supplements, dreamcatchers, bedding, lighting, meditation, white noise – you name it, I tried it. Yet I could not find the solution and it drove me mad. Living in Australia, a long way from ‘home’ in Ireland, there was no one to pick up the pieces either. I was well and truly overwhelmed.       

The toll all this took on me was intense.

I resigned from my permanent job because I couldn’t stay awake. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue (my cortisol had taken a beating) and so began the long road to recovery in parallel with finding a sleep solution.

I soon had a mounting supply of supplements, diet protocols, and various health practitioners, in a bid to find anything that might help the sleep deprivation, heavy bones, stiff muscles and the unending brain fog. I was in survival mode. I kept plodding along hoping on a wing and a prayer that one day a change would come. Eventually, something did.

What Changed?

I starting doing some homework about my own living environment, bit by bit, reading book after book, listening to experts, following my scientific nose, absorbing and applying what I learned and observing the results.

I was empowered.

I now understood the leading role my own home was playing in our lives and most of all our chronic sleep problems. When you know better, you do better.

How Can I Help You?

I can teach you to do the same. Using my skills as an environmental scientist, I can show you how to analyse your lifestyle in a simple, actionable manner.

You may not change the world overnight but you can change the most important part of the world – your home.

My Life Now

When I am not chasing two small children and doing the Eco-Lifestyle Coach work I love, I take long walks in the sun listening to my favourite podcasts. I attend regular movement classes: crawling like a lizard, pushing out chin-ups or learning to stand upside-down. I have a passion for natural history and geography. I love reading non-fiction with the odd bit of fiction thrown in. I live with my family in Perth, Western Australia.

My Past

I was born and bred in County Kilkenny, Ireland and grew up in the countryside. I moved to Dublin and then Belfast to attend university. My first job was in London and I subsequently returned to Dublin for three years. A working-holiday backpacking trip to Australia in 2001 ultimately led to me calling Perth, Western Australia, home for the past seventeen years. 

My work as an environmental scientist has led me down many roads. I have taken boat trips down Belfast rivers to retrieve estuarine samples; sped around London taking groundwater quality readings. I’ve dredged through shopping centre skips in Dublin and driven the length and breadth of the beautiful Irish countryside to scope out ecological impacts.

I’ve installed geotechnical and monitoring bores on wet Irish days; taken boat trips with dolphins; and examined the impact of landfills situated in EU Special Areas of Conservation. I’ve assessed some of the remotest and poorest parts of the Northern Territory, investigated the Pilbara coast and the mining towns, the Karijini National Park and spent time in Albany.


Certificate in Environmental Health: Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ACNEM 2016


MSc Applied Environmental Science: Queens’ University of Belfast 1996


Geobiology training in Electronic Pollution/EMF and Geopathic stress with Geovital – Academy for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine


BA Natural Science: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 1995

Let’s Chat

If you want to end the ongoing search for non-toxic household products and want peace of mind that your family is sleeping in a healthy home each night, this is a great starting place.

My services include online eco-lifestyle coaching, detailed consultations and in-person Healthy Home Reviews. You can read more about those here. You can also contact me with any questions you have or book in for one of my free 20-minute eco consults!

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What I Can Do For You

Free Eco-Coach Consult

I pride myself on my ability to listen to your needs and concerns. So before you commit to anything, get in touch for a no-obligation 20-minute consultation. Learn more...

Healthy Home Assessment

Let's take a comprehensive look at the everyday household hazards in your home. I flag what may be negatively impacting your health and the environment too. Learn more...


Detailed Eco Consult

There may be a particular burning issue that you want personalised advice on, and quickly. In this case, you can book in for a one-off 60-minute eco consult by phone. Learn more...


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