What others are saying about my services


What others are saying about my services


I’m a super sensitive person and now winter has hit I’m all kinds of inside and it’s really been messing with my body. I saw that Una did EMF assessments and I knew it was the upgrade I needed. She was thorough, friendly and super knowledgeable. She did 4 different readings throughout the house and offered some really easy suggestions to shift things. I really liked that none of these was aimed at sales as she doesn’t try to sell you any high tech gear – she actually saved me money from buying anything else!

I was amazed to hear that due to the brick structure most of the house was OK – except for some crazy high WiFi from surrounding towers and it turns out the fan I use in my bedroom at night was pushing out a decent amount of energy (Una did a reading right where I put my head and I was amazed to see it skyrocket when the fan went on!). I’ve since stopped using it and crazily enough I wake more refreshed and my headaches and back pain have decreased.

As I live in a rental some changes I’m unable to make but I’m so much wiser now on knowing what to look for when I move (soon). As a Health Coach, I look at the bigger picture when it comes to health, and this is a service I will for sure be recommending to all of my clients in the future. If you are doing all the right things and not getting results – this might be just the tweak you need.


Una came to do an assessment in my rental place. I was very intrigued by all the gadgets she used to measure all electronic devices and shared a lot of knowledge as she went. First, she gave me a map of where the high tension cables were buried in my area. I found out our location wasn’t great as being close to a big hospital we had a big antenna that was affecting our radiation inside the house. I got a lot out of it as I could see the measurements going up the moment some devices were turned on and I learned a lot of tips to have safer exposure to them. For example, the minimum distance from TV and best safe positions to watch TV on our couch. I was also impressed to learn about the light and the impact that white light has on our health. Since Una’s visit, I’ve been more in tune to follow the natural light of the day and use more candles in the house. I highly recommend an audit of your home.

The knowledge and the tips that Una will give you are remarkable and can make such an impact on your kid’s and your family’s health. When it’s time to buy a property the first thing I’ll do is to check with her to make sure we make the best choice for our health. I am a believer that the knowledge gives you the power to create better choices in your life.

Thanks, Una, for your amazing work. You are making such a big impact not only on people’s lives but on our planet. Wish there were more people like you.


I attended an in-depth talk Una gave on chemicals and EMF in the home and she subsequently undertook an EMF Audit at my home. She has made me very aware of problems with our modern lifestyles that I had never even considered. Through my conversations with Una, I have changed many things in the way I live. Some of the changes include purchasing a water filter that eliminates up to 99% of bad toxins in our water, I clean with ENJO and have thrown out my chemicals, become very plastic aware and changed many things within my kitchen to reduce plastic as much as I can. Also when I shop I am always looking for the better brands and choices that are kinder to the planet. I have become aware of the impact technology in our homes is having on us and made some changes to reduce the impact these things have on our everyday life. Una is extremely passionate about what she does and shares this knowledge openly and professionally. She explains things in a simple way to understand and backs it up with her scientific knowledge of everything. After having a conversation with Una she leaves you feeling very empowered to change your lifestyle for the better.


It’s hard not to be inspired after a consultation with Una. If you are like me you’ll be Googling for hours after she leaves wondering how you weren’t aware of the many insights she brings. So many people try to sell you a product that will “change your life” that I found it so refreshing to be told of the simple things I could NOT buy in order to improve my wellbeing. Since our consultation we have made plenty of small changes around the house, installing a water filter, turning off our wifi at night and removing all chemical cleaners from our house.

As well as that, we’ve made some general lifestyles changes based on our conversation with Una, the primary one being to get out and about more in nature and the sun. Every morning starts with a trip to the park with the phones left at home. I can’t quite believe the difference it’s made to my mood and ability to deal with stress throughout the day. The improvements to my sleep have been significant as well. In running a company I usually spent the hour before sleep stressing about the day. I don’t seem to do that anymore and it’s so refreshing.

These days finding honest people who genuinely care about what they do and the people they help is very rare. A consultation with Una is just that and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Una has helped me implement a bunch of sleep improvement strategies and has guided me to take more responsibility on living low-toxin, for my own benefit and that of the planet. Una has helped me source better brands and is constantly fuelled with new information, recommendations of ethical and sustainable businesses, knowledge on the environmental and personal impact my choices have and most importantly follows everything up with easy to action changes I can implement right away. She approaches things practically and in a very down to earth way, small changes lead to big change.

Una is a huge source of knowledge and shares passionately and openly. I’m grateful for the improvements I have already made and each time I walk away from our conversations with enthusiasm about living in a healthier tomorrow.


I heartily recommend Una and her work. With her environmental science background, Una understands the scientific research findings and recommendations and is able to translate this to everyday life.


I first met Una through my work as an environmental scientist in 2007/8. We became friends through a shared interest in natural medicine and later our dogs, families, and fitness. Una was always a very productive and results-driven worker and researches things thoroughly whether it be work or personal topics she is interested in. Since having kids, Una has become very passionate about her health and what makes a healthy living environment – an interest which perfectly compliments her background in environmental science.I heartily recommend Una and her work. With her environmental science background, Una understands the scientific research findings and recommendations and is able to translate this to everyday life.


Understanding the huge number of environmental toxins we’re exposed to can be overwhelming. Una’s knowledge is deep and well researched. She understands not just the exposure but the how & why. She is also very good at clearly explaining the options for limiting and eliminating any exposure and in a budget-friendly way, which is so important to me. I really felt I was working with a leader and expert in the field and didn’t need to do any further research. I trust that she has done all that for me, making it so much easier. Environmental toxins are often ‘silent’, I cannot recommend Una more highly as a trusted resource to help guide you and elevate your wellbeing at the same time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Una to provide advice and guidance around how to make your home a healthier and “breathe easier” habitat.

Una is passionate about what she does and has a broad and well balanced knowledge base. Having 2 children of her own, Una’s approach is practical and sensible in achieving the goal of a healthier and less toxic environment. I have found Una’s advice to be constructive, workable and in particular sustainable in the long term – great for empowerment! I really like that she has an established scientific background to draw on and it is this which I feel makes her stand out above the others.


My allergies have been steadily getting worse, and without many options from the doctors (for dust mites), we decided to have Una perform a home assessment to see whether she could identify any potential allergens and recommend any changes we could make. Una was very professional, thorough and knowledgable on the topic of allergens and much more! She made us feel comfortable, especially when there were cleaning products we knew we probably shouldn’t be using, and she helped clarify and identify what would be our best solutions to make life with allergies more liveable. Thanks Una!


Una is a delightful lady, very easy going and lovely to talk with. She has helped me so much and answered my unending questions, great follow up, very conscientious and professional, I consider myself very fortunate to have found her. Thank you Una.


Una is thorough, knowledgable, flexible and has a unique personal touch – which is vital when inviting someone into your home. She was shrewd and detailed and ensured all information was delivered with tact, also providing adequate solutions to any household issues that were not only doable, but within a reasonable budget (or sufficiently DIY, so I never worried that I would be opening a can of worms into a financial wormhole in order to create a safe space for my family). I would recommend her in a heartbeat and plan to use her again as soon as we move into our next home. Thank you Una


Una did a home EMF assessment. Her report was concise and easy to understand and she gave us different options on how to solve the problems. You can tell Una is extremely passionate about what she does. She goes above and beyond with the information she provides and keeps in touch to see how we are going with mitigating the problems


Una is a wealth of knowledge and I was so grateful she shared it all with me. There is so much overwhelming information about how to keep a healthy home, and Una provided it all to me clearly and I was able to make changes to a number of things to make my home healthier. We all sleep better as a result and I feel more confident I am doing the best for my families health.


I am so pleased that we have done this assessment and have been guided by Una on how to make our home a safer place to live, work, play and sleep. It’s amazing that this can all be measured! Since putting many suggestions into place, I have noticed I feel calmer at home and the kids have fewer nightmares. I’m looking forward to putting them all into place so that we are fully wifi free.

Perth resident

Una is fantastic. Quick response and very knowledgeable and experienced with what she does. Glad to have made the choice to have this assessment done for the best of my family’s health.


We appreciated Una’s evidence-based and scientific approach to our in-home EMF assessment. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and educating us about the testing that you did and the changes recommended. You were thorough yet practical at the same time. We highly recommend you!

Perth resident

I thought that living in an apartment meant we couldn’t do much to help our situation. Una helped me see otherwise and we have been able to reduce our EMF exposure significantly.


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