Chemicals in the Home & Your Health

Detox your home from common toxicants and chemical products so you can have peace of mind that your family is living in a healthier home.

Why Are the Everyday Chemicals in Our Homes a Health Hazard?

Cleaning products, washing powders, toiletries and synthetic fragrances. The list of chemicals in our homes goes on and on.

Did you know that the majority of these products we use every day are not independently regulated?

Cleaning products by law do not need to list ingredients on the label.

While in Australia, like most of the rest of the world, there isn’t much in the way of rules or regulations on which ingredients can be used in skincare products either.

In fact, there is no pre-market testing for health and safety. On top of that, there is no assessment done on how one ingredient interacts with another, making them even more toxic.

In essence, such industries are self-regulating!

However, the nasties in these products can be harmful to our health.

Symptoms Associated With Chemicals & Toxicants


eczema and skin conditions


respiratory issues




lung damage




birth defects


irritated eyes, nose and throat


exacerbated allergies


hormone disruption

Toxic Chemical Sources in the Home


cleaning and laundry products


personal care items and cosmetics


sunscreens and insect repellents


synthetic fragrances


gardening products


cookware and bakeware

How I Can Help to Reduce Chemicals in Your Home

You probably know that household chemicals are not great for you but have no clue what you should replace them with.

Or you buy something ‘greenish’, but your partner turns a blind eye and just keeps on buying that same ole’ toxic mouthwash that you told them twenty times not to!

Well, here is an opportunity for you! Let me come to your home and tell you exactly how to rid your home of toxic chemicals for good.

I’ll give you a list of brands not to buy and a list of what to buy. I’ll tell you what is worth keeping, finishing off and replacing or safely disposing of. I can even organise to do all the shopping for you and replace what’s needed. All sorted, quick-smart! Sound good?

Book a Chemical Detox Assessment

What to expect from a Chemical Detox Assessment:

  • An initial phone consultation to discuss your needs.
  • Completion of a brief questionnaire.
  • On-site home review to identify what products need replacing.
  • Verbal feedback on the day and a list of recommended items to purchase*.
  • A video and checklist report summarising chemical hazards in the home.
  • Follow up phone call and email to check-in on progress and any concerns.
  • You will receive an annual update of my recommended Green Personal Care and Cleaning Products Guide.

Prices start from $250 depending on location.

Book your Chemical Products Detox

Una Phelan Eco Coach

*I also provide an optional service whereby I provide you with a hamper of gorgeous green eco products to detox your home or office in one fell swoop. I select the products based on my many years’ of experience trialling what works really well and what doesn’t. If you prefer to make some of your own ingredients I can also provide you with DIY instructions. I’ll also leave you with a list of local and online shops from where you can buy these products for future reference.

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