Book a 60-Minute Extended Consult

Get answers to the burning questions you have.

There may be a particular burning issue in your living environment that you want advice on, and quickly! In this case, you can book in for a 60-minute Extended Consult.

Common environmental living topics include sleep, nurseries, pregnancy, children, electronic devices/EMF, cleaning products, personal care and cosmetic products.

Click below to request a booking at $150/hour. All my repeating clients also get a discount. 

Types of Eco Consults Available

30-Minute Mini Consult

I pride myself on my ability to listen to your needs and concerns. So if you have one or two burning questions or concerns, get in touch for a Mini Consult. Learn more...

60-Minute Extended Consult

There may be a particular burning issue that you want personalised advice on, and quickly. In this case, you can book in for a once-off 60-minute eco consult by phone. Learn more...

 Moving Home Consult

Do you know what to look for when it comes to choosing a healthy natural home? Using my scientific research skills I can help you choose a truly healthy and natural home. Learn more...