How to Take Action Against the Smart Meters in WA Rollout

by May 29, 2019

Although smart meters have been controversially rolled out in other Australian states and countries, up until early 2019 these have only been trialled in Western Australia. That’s about to change. Over the coming months, Western Power is to install approximately 238,000 smart meters in WA as part of its meter replacement programme, and new meter installations. This is not good news for our health.

What smart meters in WA mean for our health

I’ve written about the topic of smart meters previously. It’s one that I’m extremely passionate about because of the proven health impacts that smart meters have on us.

Smart meters use technology similar to mobile phones and hence the health impacts are therefore similar.

Many of the clients I work with have developed symptoms subsequent to a smart meter being installed in their home, especially when the smart meter is located externally on a bedroom wall.

Why is this?

In short, a smart meter produces microwave non-ionising radiation that penetrates your home also known as EMF.

While there are many sources of EMF in and around the home, smart meters are particularly worrisome because they send data almost continuously (similar to an SMS every 15-20 seconds in some cases), despite what you may have been told by utilities companies.

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As I’ve written about here, a utility company in the USA, PG&E, conceded that electric meters send an average of 10,000 pulses per meter per day and a maximum of 190,000 per day. Radio frequency microwave radiation is penetrating your entire home and body as the data is transmitted from meter to meter.

Common symptoms associated with microwave non-ionising radiation are insomnia and tinnitus, stress, agitation, irritability, difficulty concentrating, heart problems, fatigue, headaches, weakness, visual problems, nausea, flu-like symptoms, skin rashes, high blood pressure, changes in the menstrual cycle, and changes in children’s behaviour.

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Again, the utilities companies argue that smart meters are safe. However, there are plenty of studies that connect adverse biological effects to non-ionising radiation, such as that used by smart meters.

If you are somebody who suffers from EHS, EMF sensitivities, or you have medical implants, a compromised immune system, children in the home, are pregnant or elderly, the smart meter rollout in WA could well affect your wellbeing.

In fact, if you have a pacemaker the utility company (PG&E) warns you to stay 6 inches away from a smart meter!

Other risks associated with smart meters

Do a quick Google and you will find that smart meters are rife with issues: fire hazards, significantly increased power bills, health issues and privacy concerns.

They can generate dirty electricity on your electrical wiring, increase(!) your power costs, and pose a security and privacy issue whereby the system can easily be hacked and information sold onto interested third parties.

As an aside, I can recommend a great dirty electricity meter for measuring the dirty electricity found on the wiring in your home, which is recommended if you’re concerned about exposure to EMF in your home.

How to take action against the rollout of smart meters in WA

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When a rollout of technology that harms our health happens (5G is another example of this), you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to avoid and reduce exposure as much as possible.

For your health, security and privacy, I highly recommend you opt-out by de-registering for the smart meter service by phoning Western Power on 131087. You will still get a new meter but it will not contain the antenna to monitor your data remotely.

Although the process to de-register with Western Power seems straightforward, to be on the safe side legally, I’d advise you to put it in writing too. You can do this online through Western Power (Contact Us/Online Queries/Online Complaint/Topic/Metering). They will probably advise you that down the track you may have to pay a fee to have your meter read manually. Is this worth it to protect your health and that of your family? Absolutely.

Arrange to rent an EMF meter

If you live in rental accommodation, contact your landlord and explain the risks to them (you can also send them a link to this blog!) so they can opt-out.

Then, tell your neighbour because the electromagnetic radiation that smart meters emit don’t just affect your home but your neighbours’ as well. And if you own any investment or rental properties make sure you de-register these as well.

In fact, spread the word full-stop because awareness of the health risks that come with more and more advanced technology is fairly low.

If you already have a smart meter and want it deactivated this is still possible in Western Australia but you will need to be persistent with your utility company.

Good luck!

As I always say, we can’t change the world overnight but we can change the most important part of our world; our own home.

If you have any questions about the rollout of smart meters in WA and what this means for you, please feel free to book a phone consult.

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