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During my own journey to an econscious lifestyle, I tried and tested hundreds of different products! From natural deodorants to water filters to blue-blocking glasses, I’ve done my research to find the best of the best. To save you the hunt, below you’ll find links to the eco products I now use myself, every day.

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In the spirit of complete transparency, if you choose to make a purchase after clicking one of the links below, I will make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I can’t stress enough that I’ll never promote a product I don’t believe in.

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EMF & Light

BLUBlox Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light emitted from screens can throw our circadian rhythm off-balance and affect our sleep and our overall health. That’s why I use blue light blocking products for my devices and wear BLUblox glasses when using them. They’re my favourite brand because they’re high quality, look good, and unlike most other brands, the night time lens blocks both blue and green light. I check all my glasses using a sophisticated light spectrometer to make sure they do what they say they do! Use the Blulite or Summer Glo for day time use and the Sleep+ model for night time use.  Remember to use the code Econscious at checkout to get 10% off!

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Greenwave Broadband EMI Meter

 You can use this super easy meter to measure the dirty electricity or EMI found on the wiring in your building. Like all forms of non-native EMF dirty electricity will also adversely affect your health and well being. 

The meter gives you a before and after percentage reductions in dirty electricity  when you start adding filters. The meter can be used in conjunction with any of the dirty electricity filters on my website. Ideally you would measure with filters so you can work out the optimal number and location of filters around your home.   

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The Gupta Program

The Gupta Program is a highly recommended, friendly and easy to use brain retraining program for anybody with chronic conditions or those highly sensitive to EMF, mould, chemicals and so on.

You can also do a free 28-day  trial giving you access to the first three sessions of the  program before deciding on purchasing.

The course is conducted mostly online with a supporting hard copy book and floor-chart.  Weekly webinars are conducted with Dr Gupta.                                                                                                              

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JRS Eco Wireless Wifi Routers

Typical wireless routers emit significant EMF for the entire time they are switched on – even when you’re not using it. As a fix, I recommend switching to an ethernet cable, or if you must have wireless, buying a JRS Eco Wifi router which automatically switches to stand-by (no high frequency EMF) when no devices are connected and reduces the overall pulse frequency. Perfect if you have tenants or partners who insist on using WiFi. Reducing your exposure to WiFi is way better than doing nothing at all. Various models available at the below and compatible with NBN.   

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Red Light Nightlight

I’ve been using these red night lights for years in my children’s nursery and bedrooms, and to light up the bathroom or hallway at night. They remove 100% of the harmful blue light.

The red night light plugs straight into your powerpoint and comes with 2 x LED low wattage light bulbs which emit zero blue light. The nightlight has a built-in on/off switch, meaning you can leave these plugged in. 

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ScreenTime Blue Blocking Screen Filter/Protector

This ScreenTime blue blocking screen filter and protector reduces blue light from your phone by about 60%. It also protects your iPhone screen against scratches and damage. Blue light has been strongly linked to macular degenerative disease, cataracts, myopia as well as hormonal imbalances in the body. Expose your eyes during the day to natural light and shield it from blue light after sunset.  

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Clearlight Infrared Saunas

The Clearlight sauna range of includes both far infrared and full spectrum saunas (near, mid and far-infrared).  They are made using sustainable and non-toxic cedar and basswood and have low levels of EMF. They are available for residential and commercial use, with indoor and outdoor models. Infrared saunas are brilliant for detoxification, improved athletic performance, mood and quite simply if you want to live longer! This brand is highly recommended! Make sure to use the code Econscious when you place your order to get a nice little discount off the current price.  

SaunaSpace Infrared Sauna

I’ve done all the research and you will not find a portable sauna that is EMF-free and toxicant free anywhere else. It uses the most natural form of lighting – incandescent – which produces full spectrum light emissions peaking in the near infrared region. It’s sleek, minimalist and portable and will fit in any home and when you need to move just take it with you. It’s only 55 lbs total weight. No handy man, no tools or electrician necessary to install. It even collapses if needed for moving home or when it’s not in use. The perfect healthy sauna for those living in the USA but also available in Australia subject to shipping fees. 

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Dynamic Neural Retraining System - DVD Option

This training program directly targets brain function and a maladapted stress response to help those with chronic conditions including mould and chemical sensitivities as well as electro-hyper sensitivity (EHS). 

The program also helps those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia,  Lyme Disease, Food Sensitivities, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and POTS

This DVD option is especially useful for those with EHS as it means you can take the course without needing to go online. 

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Twilight Red Light Torch

Don’t disrupt your sleep by turning on your blue lights during the night.

Instead get one of these torches which emit 100% gentle red light thereby avoiding disturbance to your melatonin and sleep. Even just a few minutes exposure to bright light  is enough to disturb your sleep. 

Keep one on yours and your kids bedside table.  Perfect too if you turn off all your power during the night or when you go camping.  

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Sweetdreams Blue-Free General Purpose Light Bulb

The SweetDreams Bulb is a general-purpose bulb for use throughout the home instead of your standard 40w and 60w bulbs. That is, they provide good brightness and colour and remove 100% of the harmful blue light but some green light still remains giving off a beautiful subtle light that you can still read with. I always recommend clients leave off their overhead LEDs and fluorescents at night and place these warming bulbs in lamps around the home instead.

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Sleep + Sound Blocking Ear Plugs

These earplugs have a very high decibel noise protections as they are designed to mould and seal to your particular ear shape. Perfect for airplanes, hotels or noisy cities.

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Mudita Pure: Minimalist Phone

Here is a world first, the Mudita, a mobile phone that puts physical and mental wellbeing first. It’s got ultra-low EMF radiation, healthy lighting and has a meditation timer. You can call, text and use it internationally (no email or internet). EMF radiation from mobile phones is measured in SAR (specific absorption rate). Mudita estimate that their phone will measure below 0.1 W/kg. That’s over eleven times less than popular smartphones, and over seven times less than common feature phones. Click below to pre-order and receive a 20% discount!

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Sunstream Far Infrared Saunas

My favourite sauna and the one I own after YEARS of research. Clever placement of heaters gives you incredible body coverage resulting in a very hot sauna experience. The extremely low AC magnetic and electric fields make this the lowest of the lowest saunas in EMF. Not only that but it’s made from hypo-allergic pure Basswood devoid of any toxic glues. Plus the customer service department is always friendly and super helpful. Mention my name  when you call  to get a very special gift.  

Cornet Meter ED88TTPlus Radiation Meter

The Cornet Radiation Meter measures three types of EMFs: radio-frequencies, electric and AC magnetic fields.  However, for high-frequency EMF, it also tells you the frequency of those exposures, in the range 100 Mhz to 2.7 Ghz.  It covers the 5G (3.5Ghz) frequency and all the way up to 8Ghz. This meter comes with a slightly steeper learning curve than the Radmeter (see My Products) but if you want to delve deeper into EMF this is the meter for you. The link below will take you to an external site where you can order directly.  Download my EMF Kickstarter booklet to understand what fields to measure and actions to take.   

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BLUBlox REMedy Sleep Mask

The sleep mask from BluBlox is fabulous  because it blocks 100% of light, giving you complete darkness and helping to get a great night’s sleep. The smart design means it works just as effectively for side sleepers too.  It’s proven to increase restorative sleep phases – REM and Deep Sleep which are hugely important for our wellbeing. When you travel, this sleep mask is perfect for the plane trip and avoiding all those pesky little TV lights and AC lights you find in hotels.

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Dynamic Neural Retraining System - Online Option

Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) is a program designed to help those with chronic illness retrain their brain to improve health.

The online course (also available in instructional DVDs) rewires the limbic system of the brain.

 It helps significantly with EHS, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Food Sensitivities, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, POTS and many other conditions   

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SaunaSpace ThermaLight Bulb

The ThermaLight bulb from SaunaSpace is the first-ever near-infrared incandescent bulb designed entirely with health in mind. Anyone who follows my work will know that I’m all for red light therapy and infrared is essential for our wellbeing! This light can be used for red and infra red light therapy or used in your work or living space to compensate for the loss of red light by just being inside. Available in 120V and 240V. Click to read more about the bulb on the SaunaSpace website.

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NoBlue Amber Book Light

Don’t disrupt your sleep by turning on melatonin-suppressing lights to read. Instead, get one of these. It’s a rechargeable amber book light that clips onto books, e-readers or anything else.
The light is devoid of any sleep-disturbing blue light. Amber light is a lot  easier to read under than red. These LEDs are also flicker-free which is rare in standard LEDs or fluorescent lighting.

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Twilight Red Bedtime Bulb

The Twilight Red Bedtime Bulb is a dimmer light (compared with the Sweet dreams General Purpose bulb) with both blue light and green light removed.  It is also a flicker-free LED. They can still be used for reading and give off a deep orange to red glow.
They are the absolute best bulb for night time and sleep! If you have any chronic health or eye diseases you should use the Twilight Bedtime bulbs.

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Waters Co Home Water Filters

Our home water supply contains lots of harmful contaminants, like chlorine, fluoride, pesticides and heavy metals. A water filter is the best way to ensure the water you drink is as healthy as it can be and I personally love Waters Co filters because of the extremely high removal rate of fluoride and heavy metals. They also have lots of portable  options and different sizes for home and office. If you contact me directly I can offer you a more competitive price on any of the products found at this link. 

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Waters Co Ace Bio+ Water Filter Jug

The AceBio+ 1.0 Litre Alkaline mineral water jug filter is one you know will truly work. There are plenty available on the market but many aren’t sufficient for removing all contaminants from your drinking water. The Waters Co water jug turns your tap water into refreshing alkaline mineral water that is free from bad taste, odour, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria.







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Waters Co Therapy Deluxe Shower Filter

When we think of improving water quality in our homes, we usually consider the water we drink, first and foremost. However, the water we bathe in is just as important because there are a number of contaminants, for example, chlorine, that can cause skin problems and trigger allergies such as eczema. With this shower filter, you know your family is bathing in water that’s free from chemicals.





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Air & Allergens

AllergEnd Dust Mite Covers & Bedding

If you or somebody within your family suffers from allergies or asthma, house dust mites may be contributing to the symptoms.

AllergEnd bedding and dust mite covers are great because they help protect your sleeping sanctuary from house dust mites. The AllergEnd range of Australian-made products includes mattress covers, pillow covers, quilt covers. 



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Fern Earth Natural Mattress Topper

 The bed we sleep in needs to be non-toxic. Which is why I recommend the Fern Mattress Topper as the perfect addition for an extra level of comfort on your Fern Earth natural mattress. It’s made from 100% natural latex, with an organic cover.

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KillaPilla Pillow

There are many studies that show how crappy pillows affect our sleep.  Why do we spend thousands of dollars on mattresses and then make do with a $10 pillow?  I’ve recently upgraded to this ergonomically designed pillow made from pure Australian wool treated with only natural ingredients (no bleaching, acids or other toxic chemicals) and GOTS certified organic cotton. There are adult and tween versions now available! 





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Fern Earth Natural Pillow

I’m a huge advocate for creating a healthy bedroom and making the place we sleep as free from toxicants as possible. The Fern Earth non-toxic pillow is made from 100% natural latex and is wrapped in a GOTS certified organic cotton cover. If you’re looking to upgrade your sleep environment, get yourself this pillow and the Fern Earth mattress to boot.

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Fern Earth Natural Mattress

A healthy mattress can make all the difference to our health. The Fern Earth Natural Mattress is 100% natural latex and has certified organic cotton, with no chemical toxicants. The mattress has no metal springs which is important when you are surrounded by electric fields in your bedroom and high frequency fields from phone towers.  The mattress comes with different levels of firmness and for those who need it, Fern Earth also has a mattress topper. 




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Get 10% off at Wholetones

Wholetones started as the Healing Frequency Music Project and since then, has become a wonderful store for frequency-based therapeutic music that relieves stress, calms, gives you more energy, and helps with sleep. They even have calming products for your pet! When you click the link below and make a purchase, you’ll get 10% off.



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Changing Habits Products & Programs

Changing Habits provide lifestyle programs and products to help you optimise your health using nutritional support and better skin and body care.

Their online store includes the 6 Weeks No Wheat Program, recipe books, whole foods, and even probiotics for your pet!

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Changing Habits 'The Nutrition Academy'

The Nutrition Academy offers an Introduction to Nutrition course (as an ongoing evergreen) as well as their main nutrition course that teaches science-based health care based on a vitalistic philosophy. You can enrol to better understand the fundamentals of nutrition and health and then progress to more advanced courses that look at things like microbiome. 




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The Nutrition Academy Free Video Series

A 4-part video series on the Nutrition Academy’s philosophy and how Cyndi O’Meara and five students have not only changed their own lives but are impacting the lives of others. Get an in-depth insight into why this Nutrition School is like no other. Plus, by opting into the video series you’ll be the first to know when Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are live.

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Personal Care & Cosmetics

Lively Living Organic Essential Oils

 Finding genuine Australian-made certified organic oils is really hard. Enter Lively Living Oils! It is a top range of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) essential oils. The oils are bottled and blended in Australia and the 100% pure oils are sourced directly from farmers or growers. There are no fillers or synthetic additives. As well as pure certified organic essential oils and blends, Lively Living stocks a huge range of beautiful diffusers including an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser, some with up to 6-in-1 functionality and others made from bamboo. The small Australian business is one of absolute integrity when it comes to essential oils.   

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